Why are 4x4 Vehicles Good in All Weather Conditions?

Many people opt for 4x4 vehicles as their go-to choice because of their fantastic abilities and performance in all weather conditions.

In Britain, we are often struck with unpredictable weather conditions throughout the year; snow in April shouldn’t happen, but it does! That’s why a vehicle that can get you from A to B safely and efficiently in sun, rain, snow and ice is extremely important. But what exactly is it that makes a 4x4 the better choice when it comes to a vehicles performance? We’ve outlined what makes 4x4 vehicles good in all weather conditions below.

Firstly, all four wheels on a 4x4 drive can have power at the same time, or when required, whereas a two-wheel drive can only give power to two wheels. Allowing power to all four wheels of the vehicle means the car can apply equal or varied amounts of power to each wheel in order for it to cope in different weather conditions, including ice, snow, water and mud. This allows the driver to have better control of the vehicle, because the surface area of the power load is doubled.

The power that is delivered to all four wheels of a 4x4 drive also means you have additional traction compared to a two-wheel drive. Extra traction allows for a larger margin of error, which could prove to be the difference between a safe journey and lost control. With all the wheels moving on a 4x4 drive, it doesn’t matter as much if one wheel loses control, as there is still traction at three other points of the vehicle.

We have previously written a blog on why you should choose a 4x4 as your car of choice, which can help you decide what vehicle is right for you. At Charlton Recycled Auto Parts, we are a specialist 4x4 dismantler and provide a range of parts that are in fully working order for your 4x4 vehicle. Thinking of selling your current 4x4 and getting a new one? We can help with that too.

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