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Why Should You Choose a 4x4 Car?

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new vehicle but are unsure whether or not a 4x4 is the right choice for you, we’ve put together some of the top reasons why you should choose one.

Huge Interior Space

The interior of a 4x4 car will likely have a lot more leg and head room when compared to your standard vehicle. You’ll also find that there is extra space inside the vehicle in general, guaranteeing you a comfortable, relaxed and content journey, whether you are the driver or passenger. 

Family Friendly

The amount of extra space in a 4x4 makes them extremely family friendly. Some 4x4 vehicles are available with seven seats, so even if you’re a larger family, you’ll still have the space you need for a comfortable drive. Extra seats won’t mean you lose out on boot space either, so don’t worry about fitting all the family’s suitcases into the back!


4x4 vehicles are renowned for being extremely reliable. After all, they are designed to tackle any hard knocks or heavy bumps that come with travelling over harsh terrain, let alone the average pothole. 4x4s are prepared for any situation and environment and have been built with safety in mind.

On and Off-Road

4x4 cars may be designed to handle harsh terrain off-road, but they’re just as capable of performing well on-road. Some 4x4s feature integrated dynamic drive systems, which help drivers to go around sharp corners and tighter roads. Whether you’re an avid driver in the city or country, a 4x4 would be perfect for you.

If you currently own a 4x4 car but are looking for a new part or are looking to sell your current 4x4 on for a new one, we can help. Here at Charlton Recycled Auto Parts, we’re specialist 4x4 dismantlers and recycle working parts on to new homes.

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