Basic Maintenance Tips for 4x4 Vehicles

Whilst all vehicles have similar upkeep tips, you can learn how to maintain your 4x4 vehicle with our basic maintenance tips.

Change Oil Regularly

You should ensure that the oil within your vehicle is changed as and when the manufacturer’s booklet states. Oil that is changed regularly can help your engine and vehicle to continue running smoothly and can also improve your mileage.

Check Lubrication

Many components within a 4x4 vehicle require regular lubrication. For example, flexible components like u-joints need to be properly lubricated to avoid breaking down, along with the demise of other important vehicle components.

Vehicle Fluids

There are important fluids within a 4x4 vehicle such as transmission and differential fluid. If you can hear strange noises or your vehicle is appearing sluggish and abrupt, you may need to get a professional to take a look. Abide to the vehicle handbook for fluid specifications.


Keep your battery in top condition by keeping it tight, clean and free of any signs of corrosion. Batteries are unlikely to warn you before they fail, so taking care of them is the only way to extend their life expectancy.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid can attract moisture, which can cause corrosion. Therefore, it should be replaced around once a year to keep the components within your vehicle working as they should be. Power steering fluid and coolant can have the same effect.

Wheel Alignment

You should have your vehicle’s wheels aligned every so often to help improve straight-line tracking and reduce wear on the tyres. If your vehicle ever feels like it is pulling to one side, it is time to ask for it to be professionally realigned.

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