5 Reasons why you Should Scrap your Vehicle

Is your vehicle getting old, costly to repair and on its last legs? It could be time to wave goodbye to your vehicle by sending it to the scrap yard! Need convincing? If the following five reasons apply to you, you know what to do…

You’re often paying for repairs

If your car seems to be costing more in maintenance fees than it’s worth, it could mean it’s time to scrap it. Is your vehicle breaking down every few months and failing its MOT every year? Don’t spend more money than you need on a vehicle; call in the scrap specialists to take it away and get it off your hands!

It’s not safe

If your vehicle has reached the point where it’s unsafe to drive and is becoming a liability, you should get it off the road by recycling it at a scrap yard. If you’re still unsure, get a second opinion at a garage and see how much it would cost to get back to perfect condition! Chances are, it won’t be worth the cost or the hassle.

It’s using too much fuel

If your car is old, you’ll likely find that it is very fuel inefficient. Are you finding yourself visiting the petrol station more often than you used to? Investing in a new and more efficient vehicle will be the cheaper option in the long run, and is better for the environment, too!

Your vehicle has been written off

If your car has experienced a lot of damage, whether you’ve been in an accident or someone has driven in to your vehicle, it might be written off. This can be very costly to repair, and if your vehicle is a few years old, it might cost more to fix then to repair. Recycling your car is the best way to get it off your hands.

You just want a new car!

If you’re looking for a new car and are thinking of part-exchanging your current car as part of the deal, you may find that having the cash in hand gets you a better deal. Alternatively, you may be worried about dealing with the hassle of selling your old car privately, whilst with scrapping, there’s no hassle at all.

At Charlton Auto Parts, we can help you with scrapping your vehicle. Or, if you’re looking to fix your current vehicle, we provide a huge array of parts.


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