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5 Things you Didn’t Know about 4x4 Vehicles

4x4 vehicles have long been the car of choice in terms of performance, reliability and appearance. But what about the things you didn’t already know about 4x4 cars that make them such outstanding vehicles? We’ve outlined five things below that you might not have already known about 4x4 vehicles.

The First 4x4 was Made in 1898

Who knew the very first four-wheel drive vehicle was manufactured in 1898? Production company Latil began making front wheel drive vehicles and naturally made the shift to 4x4s by the 1900s. The first 4x4s to be created were tractors for farmers on uneven terrain. 

Environmental Performance is Improving

Carbon dioxide emissions for new vehicles is decreasing every year, and over the years 4x4s have had good reductions. Many 4x4 cars are now economical, such as the Mitsubishi Outlander and the Audi Q7. Hybrid engines make the eco-friendliest 4x4s whilst still giving the best fuel mileage.

4x4s Accelerate Better than Two-Wheel Drives

Four-wheel drive vehicles accelerate better than the more common two-wheel drive cars in all weather conditions. This is a huge advantage of 4x4s and is because traction is much easier to come by when the power and torque are split between four wheels instead of two.

There’s Better Ground Clearance with Four-Wheel Drives

There is extra ground clearance with a four-wheel drive vehicle, which is perfect for when roads get uneven, weather gets harsh or water levels rise. Those with a 4x4 won’t need to worry about any damage to the underside of their vehicle or getting stuck in any conditions.

4x4s have Better Resale Values

If you have a 4x4 vehicle and want to sell it, you might find that it is easier to sell than a two-wheel drive, and for a better price. Whilst the price will evidently differ to when the vehicle was first bought, the price you get for a pre-owned 4x4 will be significantly higher than what you would get for a two-wheel drive.

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