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The Importance of Car Recycling

Used parts, components and materials from cars can be recycled to help significantly reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill sites. A surprising amount of car parts are recyclable and reusable, so ensuring all parts are recycled properly, including oils and fluids, is of utmost importance.

In cars, the usable parts should be removed and processed for resale before a car is sent to be scrapped. Recycling auto parts can be hugely beneficial to the environment because it helps to reduce the need to create and make new parts. The manufacturing process produces waste, smoke and pollutants that are harmful to the world around us. Recycling can contribute to reducing pollution.

At Charlton Recycled Auto Parts, we specialise in selling 4x4 car parts. Expert engineers create a detailed inventory of the spare parts that are maintained. The parts of a vehicle that cannot be reused or resold are disposed of correctly and carefully. Consumers should contribute to the auto recycling industry and the environment by purchasing auto parts that have been recycled.

Recycled parts are put into other cars that are in a good condition but in need of repairs or replacement parts. Landfill sites are already full of items and parts that could have been recycled and reused before they were disposed of.

Even in vehicles that are written off and on their way to be scrapped have parts that are usable- for example, car radios are often left in a good condition and can be recycled, reused or sold. Engines, body panels, wheels and much more can still be recycled after a car is no longer usable, depending on the condition they are left in.

Recycled parts allow consumers to find perfectly functioning, as-good-as-new car parts that aren’t as expensive as buying the part brand-new. Many used parts can continue to function properly for many years, meaning buying costly new parts is an unnecessary cost.

At Charlton Recycled Auto Parts, we are specialist 4x4 dismantlers. Whether you’re looking for a reused 4x4 part or are looking to sell your damaged vehicle, we can help. For more information, get in touch with a member of the team by calling us on 01223 832656 or via our contact page