Jeep Cherokee 4x4 Recycled Parts

Jeep Cherokee 4x4 Parts - Recycled Jeep™ Cherokee Parts

Charlton Recycled Autoparts Ltd, have vehicles arriving for dismantling daily. At any one time there can be 2 to 5 Jeeps in the process with Cherokee Mk3, Mk4 and Mk5 models arriving aged from the late 1990s to current models. 

Charlton Autoparts tests all parts described as working on the vehicle before dismantling. You can read our Guarantee  and  Parts Standards pages for what to expect. You can also get a real picture of the quality of our parts by viewing the Currently Dismantling pages. There you will find Jeep Cherokee Mk5s with pristine panels and sweet-running engines to Jeep Cherokee Mk4s and Mk3s with the good functional spare parts you would expect from these solid reliable workhorses. On these older parts Charlton's testing, description standards and notes should build confidence.

The Jeep Cherokee engines we see the most often are the 2.8, 2.5 and 2 litre deisels as well as the gas burners including the 4.0, 3.7 and 2.4 litre petrols.
Charlton has seen a bit of a run on the 4 litre petrols.

If you are not totally sure about the right part for your 4x4 Jeep then give us a call on the number below.