How Good Are You at Recycling Car Parts?

When it comes to recycling car parts, not all of us are very knowledgeable about what needs to be done to make sure each part is reused. After all, the more you recycle, the smaller your carbon footprint.

You don’t even have to replace the whole thing! You can re-use parts at a time to make your vehicle last as long as possible

Today, we have a few tips for you which should help in getting you to understand how best to recycle your old 4x4.

Re-Use Engine Oil

It’s common knowledge that motor oil never wears out. All it ever gets is dirty. Still, many people still dispose of it irresponsibly, contaminating streams and rivers and other groundwater systems.

So, to do less damage to the environment, take your used motor oil to a certified collection centre so that it can be cleaned properly and then used again.

Get Auto-Glass

Millions of windshields are replaced every year, many for the tiniest of cracks which could be easily repaired by auto-glass.

Why waste a perfectly good windshield when technology can allow you to separate the glass from the plastic in an efficient and eco-friendly way?

Engines and Transmissions

Engines, of course, are very recyclable. The old one might have conked out but that doesn’t make it beyond repair. Far from it!

In fact, if you simply replace some of the parts then you could get your engine in fine working order once again. The same goes for transmissions.

Scrap Metal Can Be Useful!

Car rims, car roofs, old wheel frames, even door handles (though these are rarely made of metal anymore) can be sold for scrap metal.

All decommissioned car metal can be boiled down for better use later down the line. You can even make a sculpture out of it, if you’re of a more artistic sort.

Make Use of Old Batteries

You may not think it, but car batteries are some of the most recyclable material you can use! Millions of them are reprocessed every single year and they can come in very handy indeed.

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