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How to Maintain Your 4x4 Vehicle

4x4 vehicles are renowned for their ability to drive in harsh weather conditions, uneven terrain and improved engine power, but they need maintaining to stay in top form. As with any vehicle, without a proper level of care and maintenance, long-term damages can easily occur. 
We’ve put together our top five tips to help you maintain your 4x4 vehicle. 

Keep It Clean

Whilst it may be an obvious maintenance tip, ensuring you put aside time to regularly clean your vehicle can ensure it is kept in perfect condition for as long as possible. Washing your car can take car of the exterior, but it can also help keep the interior in good condition. Try to ensure that any spillages, crumbs or general waste is cleaned up as soon as possible, and it should be regularly dusted to ensure no problems within the interior arise. 

Make Necessary Checks

Regularly checking transmission fluids and the battery of your 4x4 is an important maintenance tip. A 4x4 owner should replace transmission fluids often and ensure they are filled up before heading out on a long trip to ensure they are working exactly as they should be. Try to set aside time every month to check the transmission fluids and battery; whilst it may be a chore at the time, it can save a lot of time in the long run, as well as helping to avoid incidents! 

Prevent Rust

As with any car, rust can cause serious issues. Prevention is the best possible way to stop rust from occurring on your 4x4 and is fortunately easy to do! You should set time aside every six months to apply an oil treatment to the body of your 4x4. This will help to keep your vehicle rust free and can also add its overall shine, keeping it in tip top condition!

Look at Differentials

The differentials are the sets of gears in your 4x4, which enable the wheels to operate at different speeds. It is vital that these are kept well-lubricated. You should check these before any journey, particularly looking to see if there are any leaks or discolouration. If there has been a leak, or the lubrication has turned white, you should get it repaired as soon as possible. 

Visit the Professionals

Having your 4x4 looked over by the professionals will ensure it is kept in great condition. A 4x4 professional will be able to inspect all components of your vehicle to help maintain its performance and aesthetic qualities. A regular service on your 4x4 will do just the job!

If your 4x4 vehicle needs some new parts in order to help maintain its condition, we can help! We are specialist 4x4 dismantlers and can provide you with a range of parts for all 4x4 makes and models. 

For more information, you can get in touch with a member of the Charlton Recycled Auto Parts team today by visiting our contact page or by calling us on 01223 832 656.