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Top 5 Surprising Car Parts that can be Recycled

Whether you’re replacing single parts or are scrapping an entire vehicle, the likelihood is that the parts you no longer want, or need, can be recycled.

We’ve put together some of the most surprising car parts that can easily be recycled or remanufactured for further use.

Oil Filters

Oil filters are a car part that can be recycled, and they must be properly disposed of by law. In fact, every filter contains around one pound of steel, which can be re-used. Engine oil can also be recycled, as it never wears out. Improperly disposing of engine oil can lead to contaminated surroundings, so it’s important to take it to a certified collection area.


Recycling tyres should not be a surprise, though to many it is. Tyres are not biodegradable and often occupy a lot of space in tips and landfill sites. Taking your tyres to your nearest recycling centre can ensure they are used for a variety of other things, including fuel and artificial turf.

Scrap Metal

Did you know every piece of metal within your car can be recycled- even if they are damaged? These will often be sold to scrap metal yards where they will be melted down and used to create other things, including new cars and parts!

Auto Glass

Wind shields can commonly break or get damaged, and often they will end up simply being thrown away. Many companies now help to reduce waste by transforming auto glass into fiberglass insulation, concrete blocks and glass bottles, whereas the plastic can also be reused to create carpet glue and other applications for example.


Even if you think your car has no life left in it, professional mechanics are able to rebuild damaged engines in order to offer a low-cost solution to an otherwise costly problem. Remanufactured engines can sometimes be more efficient than when they were first created due to a whole range of new and advanced materials and parts.

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